Silvano García MOSCATEL JAM

Silvano García Moscatel jam is a totally Artisan made with Dulce Moscatel wine and natural pectin.

Characteristics: it is a completely handmade product made with Silvano García Dulce wine Muscat and natural pectin. Its color is pale yellow, almost straw, but with pink iridescence and orange. Its aroma is that of Dulce Moscatel wine, with clear reminiscences of grapes raisins and candied fruit. Its texture is gelatinous, of good consistency, compact, very similar to that of jams, homogeneous and easy to spread. On the palate it is subtle, delicate and elegantly sweet, with the best qualities of the grape from which it comes, the muscatel.

It tastes like grapes and leaves a sensation of contained sweetness on the palate, not at all cloying, which prompts to repeat.

Consumption suggestions: it is perfect as an aperitif combined with foie and with all kinds of cheese except the very strong ones. As for the desserts, the Silvano García wine jam Dulce Moscatel is the ideal complement for puff pastry or millefeuille of cream or cream, desserts with fruits, with citrus, nuts, ice cream, biscuits and even with dark chocolate.

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